Have you thought about hiring a town planner for your next development?

Regardless of the scale of your development, there are many benefits to hiring a town planner. Ideally involving a town planner in the early stages of your development can help streamline the process.

Town planners will often provide an assessment of the proposed development against the relevant legislation. In doing so they will identify areas of compliance and non-compliance within the design. Advice can also be provided on how this may impact the assessment process for the development.

Some of the benefits of hiring a town planner for your project include:

  • Expertise in Planning Regulations: Town planners have extensive experience in assessing development proposals and ensuring compliance with NSW’s State and Local planning requirements. They understand the complexities of the Local Environmental Plans (LEP), Development Control Plans (DCP), and State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPP).
  • Efficient Application Process: A town planner can help you navigate through the complex town planning regulations, prepare a submission supporting the application, and liaise with the Council during the application assessment process. This can save you from costly re-submission fees for failed applications.
  • Comprehensive Services: Town planners offer a wide range of services, including preparing and assessing development applications, reviewing existing approvals, and determining further planning requirements. They can also help with associated applications for driveways, fireplaces and septic systems. Some planners even assist with Construction certificate(CC), Occupation certificates (OC) and Complying Development Certificates(CDC).
  • Project Success: Town planners can lead your project to success by helping you understand the development process providing valuable insights when your project hits any obstacles.
  • Cost-Effective: While hiring a town planner comes with upfront expenses, their expertise can lead to a smoother, quicker, and more successful project. In our opinion that makes it a worthwhile investment.

Urban Consultants’ town planners and project managers can assist you through the entire development assessment process. By utilising their knowledge and industry experience our town planners guide you to making better decisions during the application. This will help you gain favourable outcomes from Council and reduce the potential for delays associated with the development.

The expertise of Urban Consultants town planners ensures a swift and hassle free approval. This translates to reduced stress, and valuable time and costs savings for you and more importantly your development.

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